August 16, 2016

2 Weeks of 2nd Books: Historical Giveaway – Eva Devon

Countdown to IF I ONLY HAD A DUKE! For the second day of the “2 Weeks of 2nd Books” giveaway I’m thrilled to welcome Eva Devon with DREAMING OF THE DUKE, Book 2 of The Dukes’ Club series!


Eva and I have been friends and critique partners since the RWA National convention in San Francisco in 2008. She’s a mother, a USA Today Bestselling author, and a theater geek. We bonded over our love for all things theatrical and dramatic. I adored her dark, angst-filled “Mad Passions” debut Victorian series under the pen name Máire Claremont. And now I can’t get enough of her fun, saucy and sexy Regencies written as Eva Devon!

She confessed that her romance addiction began with reading Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory novella, THE PRESENT. I’m sure Johanna Lindsey hooked a few of you on historicals, dear readers, am I right?




Cordelia Eversleigh, Duchess of Hunt, has spent her entire life in Egypt, sifting through the sands, cavorting with the local tribes, and uncovering the tombs of glorified ancient Egyptian accountants. Now, all she wishes is to go to Paris and study the mysteries of the hieroglyph. There’s only one problem. She needs to annul her marriage to the husband she has never met. But when she comes face to face with the infamous duke, he stirs a wicked desire in her nature that shocks her to the tips of her oh so practical toes.A duke longing to be tamed.

Born the second son, Jack Eversleigh, now the Duke of Hunt, has accepted he is going to be a terrible duke. Loving wine, women, and song, he knows there’s only one thing to do. Live up to his debauched reputation. But when a young woman tracks him down in a London pub, prim, proper, and with a tongue that would make the devil envious, he is captivated. . . Until he discovers that she is his wife.

Intrigued by Cordelia and Jack’s story? Pop over to my facebook page for a chance to win DREAMING OF THE DUKE!! One day only!

(And do check out Eva’s latest, the amusingly titled IF THE ROGUE FITS  ? available now!).

? LB

2 Weeks of 2nd Book Giveaway Aug 16


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