April 18, 2017

Blame It on the Duke Available Now!

The third installment of the Disgraceful Dukes series is finally here! I’m so excited to release BLAME IT ON THE DUKE into the world. Many readers wrote to say they hoped this one would be about Miss Alice Tombs and I was thrilled to be able to fulfill their wishes. Alice is a quirky, bookish lady with a talent for languages and a taste for adventure abroad. The last thing she wants is to settle down and marry. Unfortunately, her father just won her wild and wicked marquess in a game of cards.

Please stop by my Facebook page today at 2PM EST for a live reading from BLAME IT ON THE DUKE. I’ll be hosting giveaways all week as well, and if you’re signed up for my newsletter (you can subscribe on my home page) you’ll automatically be entered for an exclusive giveaway of a fabulous gift basket!

I had so much fun with Alice and Nick’s story and I truly hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear your thoughts so if you feel like posting a review (thank you thank you thank you) or sending me an email that would be wonderful!!



10 thoughts on “Blame It on the Duke Available Now!”

    1. Hi Bruna, thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you liked the book! I was hoping to give Jane and Lear their own books but I’ve started a new series with fresh characters. Maybe someday I can go back to the Disgraceful Dukes! 🙂

  1. I just finished reading and it was sooo…tender,loving,funny, witty and surprisingly profound.All Disgraceful Dukes were tortured,hurting,strong men but Nick’s love and loyalty to his ailing father captured my heart.Way to go! I hope you’re planning to regale us with more wonderful heroes and heroines in near future…

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I wanted to write a hero who loved his father – you don’t see many of those in historical romance. I’m so glad you liked it! xo

  2. Really disappointed you are not going to write about Jane or Lear, they were wonderful!

  3. Please please please write books for Patrick and Lear! They NEED their own stories!! I just found and love your books!!

    1. Hi Lauren – how sweet of you to say that!! I’m definitely going to do novellas or books for Patrick and Captain Lear some day – it’s the request I get the most 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my books and please keep in touch! xo LB

  4. Loved the Disgraceful Dukes books and would also love to read Patrick, Lear and Jane’s story. I see so many have asked so just throwing another request out there!

  5. I loved this serie…I saw comments about Captain Lear and Jane also Patric…is there any chance that we will see books about them soon ? ❤️

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