August 15, 2016

2 Weeks of 2nd Books: Historical Giveaway – Charis Michaels

It’s difficult to believe my second historical romance novel, IF I ONLY HAD A DUKE, is coming AUGUST 30! To celebrate I’m hosting a new historical romance author every day for 2 WEEKS and giving away 2 COPIES of their second book! Stop by my facebook page every day to meet the authors and comment to win!!

First up we have Charis Michaels with THE VIRGIN AND THE VISCOUNT, Book 2 of the Bachelor Lords of London series. Charis is my dear friend and critique partner, as well as a fellow debut Avon author.

Charis counts the one and only Julia Quinn as one of her biggest fans (it says so right on the cover of her books), and THE EARL NEXT DOOR, the first in the series, quickly became a USA Today bestselling book!

Here’s a photo of Charis at the Avon Books signing at the RWA National Convention in San Diego last July. We were roomies and I can vouch that Charis is just as charming, funny, and lovely as her stories.


Lenora: Welcome, Charis!

Charis: *waves* Hi Lenora! Thanks for hosting me.

Lenora: So I’m wondering what type of romance hero you love the best?

Charis: I love a strong, silent, serious hero who slowly becomes unraveled by the heroine, and that’s what happens in THE VIRGIN AND THE VISCOUNT.

Lenora: Nice. I love a good unraveling. So I’m curious about the name of the book — was that the working title as well?

Charis: My editor would not allow me to title it DOWN FOR THE VISCOUNT (for obvious reasons!), but Lord Bryse is down for the count to be sure when he meets Lady Elisabeth.

Lenora: Haha. Too funny. Actually I really love that working title. Tell me more about The Bachelor Lords of London.

Charis: My tagline for the series is: Three men, two titles, one quiet street. Will London ever be the same? The trilogy was born on a real street in London called Henrietta Place, between Marylebone Lane and Cavendish Square, where I walked many times when I was a young newlywed, living abroad for the first time. I loved the name. It’s so very English.

Lenora: That’s so cool that you actually know the street.

Charis: It’s a special place. And the gentlemen who live there soon find that no one stays a bachelor in Henrietta Place for long…

Lenora: So what’s next for these poor, unsuspecting bachelor lords?

Charis: ONE FOR THE ROGUE, the third book in the series, will arrive this December.

Lenora: I can’t wait! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with ONE FOR THE ROGUE.

If you’d like to get to know Charis’s bachelor lords, stop by my facebook page for a chance to win THE VIRGIN AND THE VISCOUNT!! One day only!

? LB
2 Weeks of 2nd Book Giveaway


6 thoughts on “2 Weeks of 2nd Books: Historical Giveaway – Charis Michaels”

  1. Oh Wow! I love your contests Lenora! They rate among the best! Congrats on the second book. You write beautifully. And such good stories!

    1. Hi Karen! Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you approve of the contests. I want to give away books. Lots and lots of books! 🙂 🙂 xoxo LB

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