September 30, 2017

Fun at the Historical Romance Retreat!


I’m having so much fun at the Historical Romance Retreat in Spokane, Washington. I even sewed some of my own costumes! Highlights have included meeting so many dedicated, passionate historical romance readers, hanging out with fellow authors (and superstars) like Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Cathy Maxwell, Jade Lee, Collette Cameron, Erica Ridley, Jess Michaels, Delilah Marvelle and so many more! We’ve laughed so much, indulged in Devon double cream at High Tea, discovered that you really can’t take cell phone photos wearing gloves, and played historical games at a high class gaming establishment. Wow. You can follow more of my adventures on my Facebook page and check back soon for awesome giveaways with conference swag!






5 thoughts on “Fun at the Historical Romance Retreat!”

  1. It was awesome seeing you at HRR!! Hopefully you come next year and we can hang out more!
    Kisses from your Secret Madam!

  2. For the duke eyes only is my first book and I was planning to to the Marriott hotel but it wS impossible because I am in convalescence from a surgery.

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