April 23, 2016

Goodreads Cover Poll – Historical Represent!

Now don’t get me wrong–I love motorcycle bad boys as much as the next girl. And the more tattoos the better. But the 21st century did not invent the bad boy! Regency rogues may ride horses instead of Harleys, wear linen shirts and buckskin breeches instead of t-shirts and jeans, but let me tell you, ladies, the abs under the linen shirt? Just as rock-hard, ridged, and mouthwatering as the ones under the cotton t-shirt ?

How the Duke Was Won is the only historical in the Goodreads April Cover Contest and the duke would love your vote!

❤️❤️ Lenora

April 2016 Romance Cover Contest—Vote for Your Favorite!

If these steamy covers could talk…. Well, we know exactly what they’d say. Add each sexy book to your Want to Read shelf:How the Duke Was Won
Slow and Steady
One Hot Summer
Thrown Down
Bunkhouse Boys
Ride Hard


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