January 14, 2016

If This, Then That

Every day I learn something new about social media. I’m not that techie – let’s make that clear. I need Lorelei Gilmore amounts of coffee to wrap my mind around these things.

I’d much rather just do the creative stuff like writing and pinteresting Regency gowns and playing with my fur babies…but I know that self-promotion is part of the job.

One thing I’ve been playing around with is IFTTT (If This, Then That). (https://ifttt.com)

Using this website you connect “channels” (e.g. Twitter, Facebook Page, your email, your phone) and then use “recipes” to automate actions on those channels when certain triggers happen (it has recipes! I like recipes).

For instance you could set an email alert or phone notification to happen when a particular twitter user tweets, or you could automatically post all Instagram pictures with a particular tag to Twitter. Pretty sure this site is going to make my life easier and leave more time for the creative stuff…




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