March 25, 2015

Wish Upon a Golden Heart…

Golden Heart

I can’t believe the Romance Writers of America‘s  2015 RITA® and Golden Heart® finalists will be revealed tomorrow! Has it truly been a year?

I remember March 26, 2014 so vividly. I received an email from Gerri Russell  asking me to call her because the number I’d given wasn’t working. I called her from my office in Bolivia and listened in utter disbelief and shock as she told me I was a Golden Heart finalist. The squee!! that ensued was heard by my entire office and poor Gerri’s eardrums must have been ringing the rest of the day.

Fast forward and it’s been quite a year for the 2014 GH Dreamweavers! Laura Trentham‘s charm-your-pants-off debut novel is receiving rave reviews, Amy Patrick, Erika Kelly, Vanessa Barneveld, Piper Huguley and Julie Mulhern had fabulous book birthdays, Jessica Ruddick and Pintip Dunn‘s awesome books will be arriving soon, and that’s only a small sampling of everything that’s happened.

I’ve been neglecting this blog (sorry!) because I’m wrapping up revisions on my GH novel with the most amazing and wonderful editor in the world at Avon Romance. I’m so thrilled that Charlene and her duke will meet the world in 2016!


Best of luck to the 2015 GH hopefuls! Wish upon that shining golden heart…because dreams definitely do come true!




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