January 1, 2015

Regency Style

Found this stunning coral gauze and satin dress from 1820 for auction on Lofty.com while doing research for my Regency-era historical romance novel. Here’s the description:

Coral red gauze with satin accents, rolls of wood padded fabric known as Rouleaux trimming the sleeves and hem, with bell-shaped skirt, full upper sleeve, tapered cuff, hand-stitched, high waisted, with tapering sleeves, satin accents and padded trim…

It’s only 700 dollars 🙂 Can’t buy it, but I’ll use it as inspiration for one of Charlene’s dresses. I love the demure lace collar paired with the sensual satin bow around the empire waist. 

Check out my Regency fashion and food and drink recipes on Pinterest for more of the era you love! 



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