August 6, 2014

Big Bubbly News!

 I am beyond thrilled to tell you that I am now represented by Alexandra Machinist of ICM Partners!

Everyone told me that finding the right agent was like falling in love. When you found The One, you would just know. And that’s exactly how it happened. I had multiple offers, and spent over a week researching, weighing options, seeking advice from friends and pros, and obsessing over contracts. But when I talked to Alexandra, I just knew. She was The One.
Alexandra, besides having the most adorable no-nonsense yet hip glasses ever, represents an amazing list of authors including a host of New York Times bestsellers including Darynda Jones, Kat Martin,  Lauren Willig (who’s eleventh book in the delicious Pink Carnation series debuted yesterday), and my new conference crush, the lovely Jennifer McGowan!
And now…me. CRAZY! WOW! SQUEEE!
I’m so excited right now I can’t even think straight. Today is a Bolivian holiday so I can pop that champagne cork with impunity and celebrate Marilyn style.
Raising my glass to you!

16 thoughts on “Big Bubbly News!”

  1. Awww…thanks everyone! Sorry blogger limits posting so much. To the three in Norway…miss you lots! Wish we could have some of M’s special cocktails to celebrate 🙂

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