August 2, 2014

Top 20 Reasons the RWA 2014 National Conference Was Awesome!

I feel like I’m in The Lego Movie because everything is awesome. So here are my Top 20 Reasons the RWA Conference Was Awesome. Because ten just wouldn’t be enough.

1. My fellow GH nominees, the Dreamweavers. What an amazing, talented group of writers. And so much fun!

2. THE Eloisa James hugged me after I accepted the Golden Heart® award for unpubbed historical romance authors. What a thrill!

3. Reconnecting with my pals from Avon FanLit, the amazing Courtney Milan and Tessa Dare. I had that dazed, deer-in-the-headlights expression on my face the whole night. But don’t Courtney and Tessa look gorgeous?


4. The excitement in the air was palpable. There were clusters of writers everywhere, talking at warp speed, sharing stories, laughs, and margaritas.


5. One of my best friends got married the week before the conference so I was totally able to justify the expense of traveling to the U.S. Thanks guys!


6. Drinks in the bar with new friends @WriteAsRain_@southerntart,  @JeanettelGrey, and @LauraTrentham. Although the hangover the next day? Not awesome.

7. The Spotlight on @AvonBooks. One of the editors said that maybe some of us in the room would become their authors. I got chills.


8. Squealing over the cover of Elle Daniels debut novel, HE’S NO PRINCE CHARMING. Elle was the sweetest roommate ever. She gave me a sneak peak at the book and it’s exuberant, witty, and utterly charming! Also, she gave me a twitter lesson because I needed some serious help.


9. Attending inspiring workshops. I especially loved “Suffragettes and Alpha Males: Exploring Feminism in Romance” with Tessa Dare, Zoe Archer, Lorelie Brown, Julie Leto and Carrie Lofty. If you weren’t able to attend, you should download the audio from RWA.

10. Hanging on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.

11. Wearing my lucky Golden Heart shoes that I bought in Bolivia. They totally worked! And they were a great conversation starter in the elevators.


12. PJ from The Romance Dish gave me some of her delicious homemade truffles. Check out her “What Happens in San Antonio” RWA conference recap posts.

13. When I called my husband to tell him I won, he was at a Mötley Crüe concert. He was like, “What? I can’t hear you. Vince Neil is singing too loud.” 

14. Enjoying some special time with my BFF’s before the conference. I miss you Nonfiction Vixens!

15. Receiving my first ever email from someone who wanted to know where she could buy my book. That is the most incredible feeling in the world. Would be even better if I could direct her to a link. Hopefully someday!

16. All the gorgeous, glittery dresses at the @RitaGH awards ceremony. Especially Denny Bryce and Ellen Lindseth!

17.  Eloisa’s moving tribute to Bertrice Small, winner of the RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award. We hope you make it to New York next year, Bertrice!

18. There was a Goodwill within walking distance of the Marriott. I’m a thrift store junkie. I didn’t have much time, but I ran in for a few minutes and scored some black leather cowboy/motorcycle boots.

19. Going home and finding that my twenty-one-year old cat was safe and happy. I cherish every moment I have with her because you never know when they get to be that age.


20. I can now say I’m an award winning romance author. Thanks, RWA!




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