August 6, 2013

Bell de Journey

Where I live.

I’m writing again. Every day. Characters wake me up in the middle of the night to give me advice about what they want to do in the next chapter. When I’m at work, part of my brain is obsessing about carriage upholstery and Regency profanity. This is why I write. To be possessed by my characters. To eat and sleep and dream their lives. Charlene was raised in a bawdy house. That’s what she told me last night. I had no idea. Liam learned how to play spanish guitar in Argentina. Strange but apparently true.
I took a long break from the internet because in the past I’ve spent too much time blog-hopping instead of writing. Also I disappeared because writing had become a chore instead of a passion.

While I was away, so many of the lovely ladies I met through FanLit have hit the big time. Tessa Dare is a superstar now. Of course. Courtney Milan keeps publishing brilliant stories. Both of them push the boundaries of romance. Tessa’s writing is so achingly funny and passionate that we absolutely believe a tavern serving girl could marry a duke. And my friend Maire Claremont took us on a dark and drug-fevered journey into redemption. Can’t wait for Lady in Red!

I’m living in Bolivia right now. No RWA chapters here. So I’m looking for new critique partners and I’m ready to finish a book and put myself out there again. RWA San Antonio 2014 here I come!


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