July 2, 2008


My friend and I went to happy hour tonight at a slinky new bar. I knew it was my kind of place the second I saw the crimson velvet chaise lounge inside the front door. After a few glasses of rosé I couldn’t resist stretching out upon the velvet and pretending I was the languishing heroine of a Victoria Holt novel.

I ate mac and cheese with the very fancy name of Käsespätzle composed of egg noodles, swiss cheese, and carmelized onions. Mmmm. Speaking of cheese…is my new blog photo cheesy enough for you? It was taken during a publicity shoot in China. Please tell me if it’s over the top. I don’t want to give anyone indigestion.

In writing news, I have exactly 27 days to finish and polish Filigree and Shadow before the RWA national conference where I will be be pitching it to agents and editors. I thrive on mad scrambles to meet nearly impossible deadlines. So here goes…


8 thoughts on “Velveeta”

  1. I love your new blog photo–you’re gorgeous and the Chinese motif is very evocative.

    As for Filigree and Shadow, I have faith you can polish that already wonderful manuscript in time for Nationals.

  2. Is there such a thing, Huar? I know I tried Chinese chocolate once, I think it was the Chum brand, and had to wash my mouth out. Did you ever try the wonder that is Chum?

    So fun to eat Sichuan with you! Let’s do it again soon.

  3. The new photo looks gorgeous…almost like it’s from a classic movie or something.

    Yay about (almost) finishing F&S. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in San Fran!

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