May 19, 2008

More good news!

Huge congratulations to Shelli Stevens who just inked a two-book deal with Kensington and chose Laura Bradford as her literary agent.

It seems like the good news in the romance world just keeps rolling in!


3 thoughts on “More good news!”

  1. Lenora, you are too sweet!! Thank you I’m still dancing. 🙂 I was grammasitting when I got the call and I really didn’t think it was going where it was going until he asked if it was still available! Then the rest is history!

    We’ll have talk more over drinks in San Fran! You’re still going, right!?

  2. Hey, can you waft some of that good mojo my way? *;?) Have been having more trials and tribulations, both pers and prof, but I’m hanging in by the skin of my teeth.

    Coming to the IPP?? Got the emails about DB?? *:?)

    Hope to see you Sunday!

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