January 10, 2008

On fire!

We interrupt this romance blog to bring you a special report about some very hot guys who are burning up the (stat) sheets right now…

While working on my romance WIP tonight, I tuned in to NBA radio to listen to the Portland Trail Blazers incinerate the Golden State Warriors. I’ve been a Blazers fan since I moved to Portland in 2001. I’m so proud of them right now. They are the youngest team in the NBA but they are playing with poise and passion, with Brandon Roy (picture above–definite romance hero material, n’est-ce pas?) leading the way. They’ve won 17 of their last 18 games, all without their number one draft pick (Greg Oden) who is out for the season with an injury.

I don’t play any sports (unless you count vintage clothes shopping as one). My BF isn’t a sports fan. All my friends think it’s really weird when I rattle off Blazers stats. What can I say? I love some good ball handling (hee hee).

How about you? Do you take time out from crafting brilliant dialogue to cheer on a local team?


7 thoughts on “On fire!”

  1. All the people in my family are rabid Patriots/Red Sox fans. I can’t help but scream along with them ( I am obviously the victim of mass hysteria, kind of like those girls in Salem who cried witchcraft).

  2. Well, you already know about my unholy addiction to soccer and my beloved Portland Timbers…luckily my partner is equally crazed right alongside me.

    I actually have a theory that being a crazy rabid fan of some sport is good for a writer, since we spend too much time in our heads anyway. I find it does my head good to indulge in admiring the pure physicality and athleticism of a sport (er, I mean that entirely aside from the bonus of admiring the pure physicality of the athletes. That is good too.)

  3. Hi Maggie! You’re so cute.

    Lynda-thank you for vindicating my guilty pleasure! Where are you?? Someplace exotic by now? I’ll have to run over to your blog. Guess what, I’m taking a Philip K. Dick class this term!

  4. Hey, I love the Blazers too! Mr. Burke isn’t a huge basketball fan (give him football any day) so we should catch a game together some time!!

    Everyone, Lenora is just as cute and awesome in person as she is online!!! 🙂

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