September 26, 2007

So f-ing funny…

…and not just because it’s 1:11 a.m. and I’ve been writing for five hours.

Get over here right now and watch Meljean Brook’s Five Easy Steps To Writing a Romance Novel video.

You will laugh, you will snort milk through your nose (unless you happen to be drinking sauvignon blanc, and then you will snort that through your nose), you will thank god for YouTube. Yeah, it’s that funny.


10 thoughts on “So f-ing funny…”

  1. You’re killin’ me!

    Thanks for the warning–it would have been bad if I’d been drinking my diet Coke and watched this. Boy, am I inspired now or what! Love the “necessary phrases” 🙂

    And way to go on all that writing!

  2. LOL!! Thanks for sharing. I think I need to include more, er, kosher food groups in DAD. ;?)

    I’m so sorry you lost so much writing, BTW. I live by my Cruzer Micro 2GB USB drive — back-ups, back-ups, and more back-ups, baby!

    Hope you continue to mend, and we find some time this century for a coffee klatsch. We’re wayyyy overdue — but hey, at least I’ve written 500 words on ch. 7 so far this week. :?)

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