September 10, 2007


On Thursday night I flew off my bicycle and fractured my left elbow (I’m typing with my right hand only–fun).

On Friday my laptop completely died.

Sometimes you have to laugh, or else you’re going to cry. I thought about posting lurid closeups of my battered knees, but I didn’t want to make you sick.

The writing continues by hand. Maybe this is actually a good thing. My thoughts flow well on to paper. I hope I didn’t lose my hard drive, though, because I hadn’t backed up since I finished chapter one.

Ever broken a bone at an inopportune time?


11 thoughts on “Waah!”

  1. You poor thing!!

    I’ve broken both arms twice, but I was in elementary school at the time, so it was a “cool” thing, except for the itching.

    How far does your cast go? That’s got to be heavy–how long do you keep it on?

    I’m keeping both my fingers crossed for your ‘puter. We had been sweating bullets over Pam’s (doglady’s) computer cause it died last week and we didn’t know if she had lost her story or not, but it’s OK!

  2. Speedy recovery!

    I too have suffered the horror of dead computers and writing by hand. It took me two years to finally transcribe what I started and another year to finish it!

    I’ve never even been in the hospital for anything but having children…and I’d like to keep it that way.

  3. I admire your fortitude. *:?) Sorry I dropped off the planet — job hunting really-really sucks, as I’m sure you know. So does looking for an auction co-chair and caring for a sick family, but that’s a whole other story.

    Hope you get better soon — LMK if you want me to fwd my notes from the morning portion of the workshop (I skipped out on the afternoon *;?)).

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