September 5, 2007

September Challenge–Day Five

This is going to sound like an excuse, dear blog, but it’s true. I’m working ten-hour days until Friday, when I am supposed to send the 100-page Bulletin I’m editing to the printer. But that means I can take time off the following week. So no romance goals for the next few days, and then I’ll write like mad to catch up.


4 thoughts on “September Challenge–Day Five”

  1. The book I’m proofreading has inspired me to write the following excerpt from a longer dramatic verse narrative that I strongly urge you not to complete (if you don’t, I won’t either):

    And she stole out into the garden, there
    Under the fierce midsummer sun, and
    Beside the lotus pond, cool and serene beneath
    Its cover of green leaves, she peeled off her
    Warped and grease-bespotted T-shirt,
    She slid off her dirt-stained jeans, removed
    The stretched-out dimpled bra of color indeterminate,
    The cheap and shapeless cotton underpants
    With the big hole at the hip and the small
    One starting at the rear, and so revealed to him
    There, in the garden, as he sheltered among the
    Leafy branches, was the form of one who
    Drank perhaps too much and ate a lot of sausage.

  2. Sometimes life happens. You just have to cut yourself some slack. The key is cutting just the right amount of slack.

    Too much slack is like.. too much sausage. Huar, that’s trippy.

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