September 2, 2007

September Challenge–Day Two

I wrote a prologue and first chapter yesterday. They included murder, illegal boxing, and a seance. I wanted to start with a bang.

Historical Tidbit:

In the illegal boxing matches held in gambling dens in mid-Victorian England, the Prize Ring Rules stated:

That no person is to hit his Adversary when he is down, or seize him by the ham, the breeches, or any part below the waist. A man on his knees is to be reckoned down.

So that raises the question, what exactly is “the ham”?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post an excerpt. I’m hoping that public exposure will keep me honest.

Meljean Brook, author of dark and brilliant paranormals for Berkley, suggested I give myself a reward to look forward to. I’ve got that covered. My birthday is in the end of September, and the BF promised to take me away for a weekend on the Oregon coast. Writer Lynda Rucker has been extolling the virtues of the Sylvia Beach Hotel to me for years. Known as the definitive “hotel for book lovers,” it has literary-themed rooms that range from the Colette to the Alice Walker. We’ll be staying in the Edgar Allan Poe room, of course.

In other news, my friend and CP, Kerry Blaisdell, took first AND third in the inaugural Golden Claddagh contest. She also finaled in the Golden Gateway contest (along with Tessa, Courtney Milan, and India Carolina). Congratulations!!


Fill in the missing historical details in Chapter One. Start Chapter Two.

What are your goals for September?


6 thoughts on “September Challenge–Day Two”

  1. I think a ham is a thigh, but I’ll leave the research for you to do!

    I am realizing that not only have I no specific goals for September, I seem not to have any goals at all. I used to have some once, but they evaporated. Dear me.

  2. My you’re busy, Ericka. Vampire Oracle sounds intriguing.

    Shelli, you’re probably right. I just thought it was funny. Hands off the ham.

    I know how you feel, Karen. Good luck with the full length. That’s what I’m starting, too.

    Huar, that’s quite all right. Just keep writing your brilliant blog and cooking those fantastic leftover creations. Oh, and come visit me again.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! We haven’t made it down to the Sylvia Beach in a few years now but always stayed in the Edgar Allen Poe room as well, of course! I’ve heard dinners at the hotel are really good, but I’ve never eaten there; I can, however, highly recommend the restaurant across the street, April’s. But you will need to make reservations a few days in advance.

    uh…my September goals? I’m sure you can guess…finish the #&%*@ thesis…grrrr…

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