May 17, 2007

Beijing Again

I’m back in Suzhou after my third, and favorite, visit to Beijing. More about that later. For now, here’s proof that we climbed a section of the Great Wall on a blustery yet clear and pollution-free summer’s day. I promise to make my next post writing related (since I owe you a review of The Taming of the Duke from a male perspective), but here’s a romantic detail for you. My partner and I have taken photos of our hands every May since our first year together. This is the eighth photo and the second one in China.


16 thoughts on “Beijing Again”

  1. Very romantic! :?) And, welcome back. I’ve been meaning to check in, but I know you’re still getting caught up. How is das book? I’m up to about 20K words now, so it’s cooking along — can’t wait to get back on a regular schedule w/you again. :?)

  2. Erica- have you been to Beijing? I highly recommend it.

    Kerry-das book is simmering on low heat while I squire family and friends around China. But I’m glad to hear yours is cooking.

    Maggie-this is actually the first time I’ve ever really told anyone about the hand pictures. It’s sort of a private tradition, and we’ve never collected or displayed them. But after eight years, maybe it’s time.

    Tessa & Ericka- so nice to see you, as always.

    Huar- Trichomaniac is in Haines!

    Jill- sorry you can’t see the pic–I made it as small as possible.

  3. Nope, haven’t been to Beijing. There’s a gaping hole on my passport where Asia stamps should be! Am hoping to rectify that in 2008… Assuming I can save up frequent flyer miles! =)

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