March 23, 2007

Blocked Again

They’ve blocked blogger again in China–just when I was getting into a nice posting and commenting rhythm. Now I have to go through a proxy website and it takes forever…aargh!!! *shakes fist at the government censors*


6 thoughts on “Blocked Again”

  1. Now, now, are you failing fully to savor the intricacies of the contemporary Chinese experience? For shame, for shame!

    Today at work I was checking the file of somebody about to retire after working first as a truck driver, and then as a school librarian (during which time he married another, though much younger, school librarian–I think it’s Multnomah County’s marriage certificates that give the occupations of both parties, which is diverting) and then he moved to Shanghai for a while, and then to Beijing, where he taught K-5 at an international school for a couple of years, and now he’s back in Portland and going to start drawing the pension from his truck driving years.

    How heartening. A pleasant contrast to the guys with 35 years of unalloyed truck driving, who cast a gloomy pall upon my soul. (They’re a lot more common, sadly.)

  2. Duly chastised, Huar. Thank you. I will soon be longing for la mian noodles, candied hawthorne on a stick and $5 massages…slow blogging is a small price to pay for such luxuries.

  3. Probably the government noted you were disseminating that hideous underwear picture and shut you down. When my husband traveled to Saudi Arabia to recruit students, the school’s brochures were confiscated because they contained pictures of the girls’ basketball team in their uniforms! The world is indeed an interesting place.

  4. I wonder if it was the inscrutably shifting internet blockages that turned me into a violent harridan who would hit innocent passersby over the head with her umbrella? It couldn’t have been the haw on sticks, I never ate those except once by accident.

  5. I just came home from a nice $1.25 hair wash and massage, Tessa!

    And Huar, you a harridan? Say it wasn’t so. Might it have been rage about the shoe sizes stopping at 8?

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