March 20, 2007

Senior Man Trousers

In response to the many discussions about mantitty and its dubious merits as an inducement to buy novels, I hereby submit this disturbing photo. Now this particular specimen of homomammaries is not selling romance novels, but Senior Man Trousers–for the gentleman who forgot to bring extra underwear during his stay at the hotel. What does this have to do with romance novels? Absolutely nothing. I just thought it was hilarious, and wanted to inflict share.


11 thoughts on “Senior Man Trousers”

  1. Ericka–yes that’s what he’s wearing, alternatively translatable as Top-Grade Gentlemanly Underpants. Or perhaps, to borrow a term from my Macy’s card statement, Status Innerwear.

    Truly appalling.

  2. Aargh! They blocked blogger again in China. Now I have to go through a proxy and its so slow. I know, I know, the picture is truly disgusting. You should see the one for the Senior Woman’s Trousers though, it’s even funnier because her head is completely photoshopped on at a very weird angle.

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