March 12, 2007

To National, or Not to National

We’ve decided to return home a month early, and that means I could attend RWA’s national conference if I wanted to. Of course I would only have been back in the states for a week–but since it is the biggest event of a romance writer’s year, I’m thinking I should hop back on a plane and go to Dallas. I’ve only been to one smaller conference, so this would be a new experience for me. And I’ve only been to Texas once, and pardon me for saying so, it did not leave a good impression.

I was hired by a national speech coaching company to manage their San Francisco office, but they were headquartered out of Houston, so they flew me there for training. The moment I walked into the shiny corporate offices, I knew I was going to stick out like a…well like a San Francisco girl in Texas. Everyone was coiffed and power-suited and chipper, and they could all tell with one quick downward sweep of their blue-frosted lids that I was not a member of their sorority. I will spare you the details of that painful week, but I will let you know that I quit that job a mere two months later, even though they offered me a huge raise, stock options, and money for a new, more corporate appropriate, wardrobe.

But I’m sure this time around Texas would be different. Especially if I had some friends to seek out. So are you going? Is it worth the money? If I buy you a lemon drop will you let me sit at your table?


11 thoughts on “To National, or Not to National”

  1. I won’t be there this year (sigh). . . I was hoping to go to a smaller conference this year, but they canceled it. Drat.

    Anyway. . . go, have a great time and say hello to everyone for me!

  2. I’m going! And you should totally come and hang out with us. We are not coiffed (did I even spell that right?) Last year was my first time and I hung out with lots of fun people in the bar. LOL. One night we got a bit of a rap for being known as ‘those intoxicated writers in the bar singing Like a Virgin karaoke and dancing’

    But outside the bonding with people from all over, the workshops are great and the awards ceremony is so much fun!

    I’ve never been to Texas. Not sure I would ever wanna go if not for Nationals.

  3. Oooh…there’s karaoke, Shelli? I am so there. I do a mean Barracuda by Heart. But the intoxication will have to come first.

    And CM, thanks for stopping by–I’ve been enjoying your blog since FanLit ended.

  4. Well, Texas does deserve another chance (maybe not Houston or Dallas alone — they’re such a small part of such a big state — but Austin is lovely, as is Big Bend and some of the other non-large-city areas :?)). But no, I’m not going. I can’t afford it this year, and would rather save my pennies for San Francisco in 2008. Plus most of the “good” appointments are gone already, and I think my money and time need to go toward submissions for the time being.

    But I bet we’d make good roomies in SF, if past experience is anything to go by! Want to share a plane down again? :?)

  5. I know *exactly* what you mean, Lenore. But yes, yes, do come! We’ll stick out together! (And in this situation, sticking out in the crowd is not such a bad thing, is it?)

  6. When you girls do come to Dallas, you’re going to have to send me your mobile numbers so we can get together.

    I won’t be attending the conference, but I’d be happy to lead a tour of the finest margarita joints in town. . .

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