March 7, 2007

Cute Shoes

Pam asked about the new brand of shoes I found–so I thought I’d post a few pics. Have I mentioned recently that cute, cheap shoes are why one of the reasons I’m back in China for a year? I can’t find well-made and truly unique shoes in America for a price I can afford–so normally I only buy vintage ones. But in China I can indulge in brand new shoes because I only pay $10-$30.

My new favorite brand is Safiya. Inside the shoes it has a sweet little logo of a snail and the words, “My world. The Safiya’s world. The young world.”

My other favorite brand is Changes and Insects 100. Rather Kafkaesque.

Anyway, here are my most recent Safiya purchases:

Shoes with Scales (yes, it makes a fish if you put your feet together).

Black tap shoe style with crimson appliqued flowers.

So what do you think? I can take orders…


17 thoughts on “Cute Shoes”

  1. Okay, those are ridiculously cute. And I just realized that my blog reader wasn’t picking up your new blog entries…grrr. Those pictures in the post below are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m insanely jealous of both your location and the shoes.

  2. That’s OK, Meljean, cuz I’m insanely jealous of your glowing reviews–no just joking! I’m really, really happy for you and I know even bigger success is right around the corner.

    Oh–and what’s a blog reader? I’m such a dope…

  3. I have shoe envy. I used to have cute shoes when I had cute feet, but after 4 kids something happened down below (ha, yeah, there too) and now my feet are wide and huge and the shoes in my size look very orthopedic. I can’t walk in heels, either. I am doomed to live in the woods all my life in my LL Bean boots.

  4. Hi Maggie, comfy boots are great, too! I grew up in Alaska and I used to wear industrial rubber boots to high school so I could walk through the slush in spring, or heavy snow boots in winter–maybe I’m just making up for it now…

  5. Aiyo aiyo aiyo. There was a day last fall or thereabouts when I decided I was feeling rich and I was going to pay $200 for cute shoes from the cute Portuguese shoe store (I don’t remember the name of the brand), but my left foot and my right foot are such different sizes that no size fit both of them properly, and I wasn’t about to buy two pairs of $200 shoes and throw out the wrong-sized ones, so I gave up.

    I only get to buy nice guy shoes, not nice girl shoes.

    Woe is me.

    Am I getting repetitive?

  6. Ah, Huar, I am sorry. My BF’s sister just visited us and I think she wanted to kill me because we went shoe shopping together and she couldn’t fit into anything and I could. But some of the men’s shoes here are quite tempting.

  7. I’m not really a big shoe collector, but shoes were one of the few things I could shop for in Asia. Jeans, pants, even t-shirts – all were cut for petite little ladies and had no allowance for my, um, curves. Bras – hah! All I could find was B-cup, no higher. I haven’t worn a B-cup since 7th grade.

    But I do wear a size 6 shoe, so I gleefully bought shoes.

  8. Those shoes are divine — and they’re FLATS! All the lovely ones I seem to find have vertigo-inducing heels which, while fabulous, are suitable strictly for my (admittedly very rich) fantasy life.

    That, of course, rarely impedes me from buying them…

    You’ve given me yet another reason to visit China!

  9. Size six, Tessa? Such tiny little feet. You would never lack for shoes here. I know what you mean about the curves, though. I can’t buy jeans here, but that’s okay because I never wear them anyway.

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