February 8, 2007

Juice It

I’m doing research about the state of the romance industry right now, trying to figure out what to start writing next. I want to write a story that I’m passionate about, but I want to make sure it will be saleable, too, which is the dilemma.

In a recent interview, Hilary Sares from Kensington said that whatever you are writing you should, “…juice it to the max.” This time I mean to take her advice. Whatever I decide upon, I’m going to make it dark, deep and thrilling, and that means no boring filler paragraphs, no cliches, no cumbersome backstory or dialogue that doesn’t advance the plot. So now I know how I need to write–that just leaves me with what.

I have three ideas I’m choosing between, and they have to do with the following:

1. Edgar Allan Poe
2. Insane Asylum
3. Birth of Photography

Any preference without knowing more than that?


7 thoughts on “Juice It”

  1. The photography intrigues me, personally. Poe and insane asylum don’t strike me having the erotic potential of photography.

    But they definitely all sound, um, juicy!

  2. I just can’t see the insane asylum as sexy—sorry! Although I do recall reading something where a husband had his wife locked up and drugged in a private sanitarium.

    The photography angle (hah! pun alert) has lots of possibilities…dangerous chemicals, art and nudity all combined!

  3. I guess I was seeing something more like a woman recently released from an insane asylum and having things happen to her that could mean she’s still crazy or prove that someone close to her wants her out of the way (that’s the mystery writer in me) —

    But from a purely erotic sense, photography would probably win hands down.

  4. bedelia here– my vote goes to Edgar Allen Poe, at least initially, because having a basic plotline already in place could free you up to really lay on the details… kind of the opposite of your first novella experience, so maybe a good exercise! but I have to admit– I can see erotic potential in all three. the astute observers above are absolutely right about photography being the most readily sexy, but think of the gothic possibilities of the asylum! the saturnine doctor who the townfolk whisper about, the ingenue coming to take a position as his research assistant, the colorful cast of inmates with perhaps a murder sideplot … I like.

  5. Thanks everyone–it was intriguing to see what your initial thoughts were on such vague topics. I have plots worked out for all three, but I think I decided on the photography direction. I’ll post more later. Thanks again!

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