October 31, 2006


I’ve thought about participating in National Novel Writing Month for the past two years. But this time I’m taking the plunge–with a little help from my new found friends from Avon FanLit. I’m especially pleased I met Tessa Dare. She was the grand prize winner of a day with Avon, and she is just the loveliest, most talented and deserving person. I’m so happy for her! We’ve vowed to keep each other on task and motivated during the crazy month of November. Signing up for NaNoWriMo means pledging to attempt 50,000 words in one month. It’s a lot. But that’s what I’m in China for.

So wish me luck! I’ll figure out how to get one of those word count widgets onto my site in the next few days. Maybe public exposure will shame me into typing faster.

In China news, I taught my kiddies a lesson on Halloween last week. They loved it when I floated into the classroom on a broomstick with a pointy hat and a mask. Here’s a picture of some of my ten-year-olds posing with the masks they made.


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo”

  1. And so what are you writing?

    I wanted to do it, but then I accepted some proofs to read instead. Probably the wrong choice. Someday I will do NaNoWriMo.

  2. Hi Huar, You’re my most faithful commentator. There should be a prize. Anything you’re hankering for that you can’t get in Seattle’s Chinatown?

    See my next post for details on my Nano project.

  3. Ack! It’s November 1st. Have you written your 1500 words today?

    We are going to have so much fun this month. Even if it kills us. 😉

    Your students are adorable. I also had a Halloween party for my Filipino kids when I was there – they loved it. As a culture, they have a lot of spooky witch and vampire legends, so Halloween is a perfect fit. And what kid is going to turn down candy?

  4. Hi Tessa, Yep, I wrote 1700. Yay me! It’s quite liberating to just write full steam ahead with no thought of editing as I go. Who knows if the end result will be useable though. How about you? I’ll go check the NaNo boards.

  5. I’m completely amazed by anyone who completes NaNoWriMo — it’s insane! But in a good way 🙂 I’ve written 50K words in a month, but it wasn’t November, and it was part of a book instead of a whole book…this November, I’ll be (this is pathetic) happy with just 20K.

    Good luck!

  6. go, Nor, go! this is the craziest of all deadlines, and as such I am absolutely positive you can do it. can’t wait for you to get a word count widget up, but then again perhaps that’s energy better spent on writing… streamline the process, full speed ahead!

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