May 25, 2006

Red Velvet

This pic was taken while we were gluing the flocked wallpaper to my business cards. The designer showed me five different card treatments, but I immediately knew it had to be the hand. It just says it all. It’s ghostly and gothic, hints of an invitation to a Victorian boudoir (she’s not wearing gloves–oh my!) and is reminiscent of vintage advertising. There’s also something slightly strange about it, and for a girl who likes her Edwards Gorey and her Gogols Bordello, it’s perfect.


5 thoughts on “Red Velvet”

  1. Hee. I didn’t know Edward Gorey was from Chicago. It seems appropriate. All that freezing wind.

    Actually, I somehow suspected him of being a hoax of some kind, rather than a real person.

    Anyway, it’s nice you posted the picture of the cards, which look lovely.

  2. WOW! I am impressed with your style and imagination! You are one writer I want to follow!

    Signed: waiting for more!!

  3. Thanks Huar and Anonymous. Yeah, Edward Gorey was a big, hairy man given to wearing long fur coats, keeping muliple cats, and using a tombstone for a coffee table. Who knew? Huar, what do you think of Mo Li? Too cutesy? Moli cha is my favorite morning beverage, another reason I like the name. But I don’t want to be a Disney character…

  4. Yeah, well, all I can say is I envy you being named after a particular flower! (If I haven’t before regaled you with the saga of my name–well, it’s a long story. If you want to know some of it, look at the very first post on my blog, back in February.) But I love the moli-flavored Crest toothpaste they have in China these days. (Or they did two years ago, anyway–I suppose they probably still have it.) I wish I’d brought more of that stuff back with me. I’ve always thought mint toothpaste was a bad idea.

  5. Finally!! Here I am in China, reading both your blog and website with the help of the ‘anonymouse’ website. Yea 🙂

    So glad there are people with brains out there somewhere thinking of these little things for us 😉

    Anyway, both sites look great, I hope you can post more teasers of your writing on the website soon, too…

    MoLi is s sweet name, miles better than any attempt to add a bit of your last name and your first name and say it in Chinese characters.

    I think after almost three years I’ll finally go with AiLin, 艾霖, short and simple but still close to my real name. And I really love the meaning of the second character, with the long-expected rain falling over the forest.

    Brilliant, now I have a blog to follow, too 🙂

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