May 23, 2006

Justify My Love

I’m playing the waiting game. It’s ever so much fun. I’ll post news (of agents? deals? heartache? blues?) when I receive any.

In the meantime I’m still here at this silly desk job for two more weeks, although my mind is already in China, shopping for red silk pillows to brighten up my apartment and singing Wang Fei ballads at a beachside karaoke joint.


4 thoughts on “Justify My Love”

  1. Hello Ms. Bell,
    Just caught a glimpse of your website…a little birdie told me about it.
    So creative and provocative.
    And to think I knew you when…..
    Now I can stay posted with your life’s going on’s with the help of your blog.

  2. hey lenora bell,
    i loved, loved, loved your website, and i’m so excited for you. Congratulations, you are amazing….
    – JC
    ps. i can’t wait to find out what happens to eveline…

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