March 20, 2007

Senior Man Trousers

In response to the many discussions about mantitty and its dubious merits as an inducement to buy novels, I hereby submit this disturbing photo. Now this particular specimen of homomammaries is not selling romance novels, but Senior Man…Read More

March 15, 2007


Yet more evidence of Tessa Dare’s genius. Check out her post on AutoSummarization–the MS Word feature that allows you to distill your manuscript into ten sentences (under the Tools menu). She found it while searching for a way…Read More

March 12, 2007

To National, or Not to National

We’ve decided to return home a month early, and that means I could attend RWA’s national conference if I wanted to. Of course I would only have been back in the states for a week–but since it is…Read More

March 7, 2007

Cute Shoes

Pam asked about the new brand of shoes I found–so I thought I’d post a few pics. Have I mentioned recently that cute, cheap shoes are why one of the reasons I’m back in China for a year?…Read More

February 8, 2007

Juice It

I’m doing research about the state of the romance industry right now, trying to figure out what to start writing next. I want to write a story that I’m passionate about, but I want to make sure it…Read More

January 24, 2007

Message From Above

I sent an email to one of my favorite romance authors, Pam Rosenthal, and she wrote a very gracious reply. It was so nice of her to take the time to answer. If you haven’t read any of…Read More

January 18, 2007

On Endings

By the end of a well-written romance novel you should be gobbling up the pages like they were cotton candy that would stick to your chin if you didn’t melt it with your tongue fast enough. I just…Read More

January 10, 2007

da da da da DA DA

The Muzak version of the theme song from Chariots of Fire is perpetually playing in the hallways of the hotel I’m living in. At first it just drove me crazy. Now I’ve decided that they’re featuring it especially…Read More

January 8, 2007

The Fifth Ring

Yes my friends, I am in the fifth ring of Rewrite Hell. I am guilty of Wrath and Gloom, and for those sins I should be punished. At first the task of rewriting seemed straightforward enough. Add more…Read More

December 21, 2006

My First Tag

Four jobs I’ve had: Working my way up through the ranks of an Alaskan fish cannery for three summers (I started on the “slime line”, moved into the egg house and ended up in high-grade caviar). Genealogical research…Read More