August 1, 2008

Once Upon a Bed…

I will be eating dinner tonight with my lovely writing friends Delilah and Moira…on a bed. Delilah is taking us to Supperclub where we will recline roman style and feast our eyes on a cabaret show.

The conference is going very well. I placed second in the Hearts Through History contest and I’m thrilled because my friend and critique partner, Courtney Milan, took first. Yay, Courtney! I’ve received quite a few requests for Filigree and Shadow from agents and editors and that’s really the whole point of the conference so Lenora is a happy girl.

Tonight we’re off to karaoke at The Mint (one of my old stomping grounds) with a bunch of ladies including the lovely vixens Lacey, Eden, and Shelli. Bliss!

I’ll try to remember to bring my camera this time.