July 27, 2008

I Left My Heart In…

Every time I go back to the city by the bay I contract a severe case of nostalgia. The rows of candy-colored Victorians; the salt-tang in the air; the beckoning racks of polyester prom dresses at Thrift Town; the sea bass, mango, and butter appetizer baked in a large mussel shell at Sushi Zone. But this trip I won’t have time for thrifting or sea bass and I won’t even get to see my friends who still live there. Every second will be spent at the RWA National Conference. Because my life is so insane right now I haven’t spent much time preparing for the conference. Maybe that’s a good thing. I also haven’t had time to feel nervous.

Courtney was blogging about pitching the other day and I realized that I haven’t practiced my pitch for Filigree and Shadow and I started to get a bit panicky. I don’t have a problem talking to strangers since I’m accustomed to being on stage and I actually like schmoozing. But none of that will help me if I haven’t memorized the salient details of a succinct pitch. So that’s my goal for today.

Why is my life insane, you ask? I was hired a year ago by Portland State University to compile and edit a document and it’s due at the print shop tomorrow. And it happens to be over 1,200 pages long. And it’s not finished yet. Waahh!! I’ve been snatching a few hours of sleep on the couch in the student lounge here and there but otherwise I’ve been glued to my chair all bleary-eyed and malnourished for the past four days. So I haven’t had time to polish my pitch, or dry-clean my conference dresses, or have my bangs trimmed, or any of the other multitude of preparatory rituals I should be undergoing.

OK, this is getting a little bit whine-y. I better sign off and return to editing (oh, how I wish I was working on romance and not government accreditation procedures).

I hope your conference preparations are going more smoothly than mine. I can’t wait to meet all my internet writing friends in SF! See you in a few days…