September 26, 2007

So f-ing funny…

…and not just because it’s 1:11 a.m. and I’ve been writing for five hours. Get over here right now and watch Meljean Brook’s Five Easy Steps To Writing a Romance Novel video. You will laugh, you will snort…Read More

September 24, 2007


Until yesterday I was in denial about how much writing I lost when my one-year-old macbook’s hard drive crashed. I’d been taking a lot of notes by hand and I thought they would be sufficient to recreate what…Read More

September 10, 2007


On Thursday night I flew off my bicycle and fractured my left elbow (I’m typing with my right hand only–fun). On Friday my laptop completely died. Sometimes you have to laugh, or else you’re going to cry. I…Read More

September 5, 2007

September Challenge–Day Five

This is going to sound like an excuse, dear blog, but it’s true. I’m working ten-hour days until Friday, when I am supposed to send the 100-page Bulletin I’m editing to the printer. But that means I can…Read More

September 4, 2007

September Challenge–Day Three

Wow, I have never posted on this blog three days in a row. It’s kind of fun. No pressure to be meaningful, pithy or hilarious. Just me telling the computer what I did today. Unfortunately, Day Three was…Read More

September 2, 2007

September Challenge–Day Two

I wrote a prologue and first chapter yesterday. They included murder, illegal boxing, and a seance. I wanted to start with a bang. Historical Tidbit: In the illegal boxing matches held in gambling dens in mid-Victorian England, the…Read More

September 1, 2007

September Challenge

It was exactly two years ago today that I started writing romance after reading an article about Eloisa James. The same afternoon, I went to the library and checked out Potent Pleasures, and I was hooked. Two years…Read More