April 28, 2007


Did you notice what was missing in my last post? Yes, that’s right. There was no Lenora Bell, only Emily Bronte. That’s my sneaky way of posting without actually having to write anything. Get those wet noodles out–I’ve assumed the position.

I just have to give you a snapshot of our hotel room right now. I’m sitting on the bed, alternately cheering and cursing at the television set, because I want the Houston Rockets to win this game in Utah. My bf is curled up (as much as a 6’4″ man can curl up) in a comfy chair by the window, reading Eloisa James’ The Taming Of the Duke. Yep, you heard that right. I’m swearing like a sailor because T-Mac only made ten points in the first half, and my better half is reading a romance novel.

I only became a basketball fan in the last few years, and he is reading his very first romance novel. Did I choose a good one for popping his cherry?

Have you given your significant other a favorite romance novel to read? What was their reaction?


18 thoughts on “Snapshot”

  1. Hubby is finishing his masters, so he reads nothing but physics journals.

    However, he loves to make witty and insightful comments about my WIP:

    Me: I just wrote the first love scene between my h/h.

    DH: I thought they were naked together in the first five pages.

    Me: That wasn’t love. That was necessity.

    DH: So they’ve finally done it?

    Me: No, he doesn’t actually get much farther than her breasts. But it’s terribly romantic.

    DH: (Blank look) If you say so.

    Gillian 🙂

  2. My hubby reads my romances. . . he has enjoyed every one but the first (you know, the unpublished one shoved into the bottom of the china cabinet). His only remark at some of the sex scenes is that he still feels a little funny “watching” other people have sex~ snicker

  3. Love your hubby’s reaction, Beth! And yours, too, Ericka. So have you ever given them a romance novel that wasn’t by you? I crack up every time I see him sitting there with a half-naked man on the cover of his book. It’s sweet.

  4. LOL, sounds fun! Mine doesn’t read much besides the sports section and the occasional Weekly World News article about aliens and sasquatches. *sighs*

  5. To my knowledge, my DH has never read a romance, including one of my own. I keep telling him they aren’t what he thinks they are, but he rarely reads anything besides deep philosophy (mostly about death :?)) and books on construction/carpentry/remodelling. And yet it is still taking two years to finish our downstairs…

    OTOH, look how long it’s taken me to finish my second chapter. LOL!!!

  6. Hi Huar & Tessa (and all you other lovely ladies),

    He’s almost finished, (no he didn’t get swept away–but I don’t think he ever does) and he has promised to give me a book review or do a guest blog. My parents are visiting right now so it won’t be for a few days.

  7. condolences about the rockets and t-mac losing game seven – he looked genuinely dejected about letting the team down…

  8. Hi Justin,

    Nice to hear from you. I couldn’t watch game 7 because I was on a bus going from Suzhou to Wuzhen. It’s a good thing, because I may have thrown something at the TV set. What a heartbreaker. Are you a fan? Yao and T-Mac posted the numbers, but where was the support? *sob*

  9. India–what a great question! I will definitely have him address that. He just finished the book last night and he seemed a little bit disgruntled about the ending, but I didn’t have a chance to ask him why. Look for a guest blog soon–we’re going to Beijing for a week so it will have to be after that. Thanks for the comments!

  10. I got my husband to read Evanovich’s numbers series, and they’re kind of romances, right? (Yummy Ranger and Morelli)
    But I will not let him read my stuff. Ever.

    Have fun on your travels!

  11. on a bus to wuzhen is a good enough excuse – that’s definitely off the beaten path! what a great opportunity to see different facets of the middle kingdom…

    unfortunately (or fortunately given their recent playoff struggles) i’m not a big rockets fan, having grown up in “swamp dragon” land (believe it or not, the nets almost changed their names to that odiferous moniker). but i do admire yao ming’s ascendence despite the odds (i remember seeing him as a 16 year old), and t-mac’s emotional commitment to the team. they definitely need more talent around them, and losing their coach isn’t going to help…but at least there’s hope for chinese basketball in 2008!

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