April 28, 2007


Did you notice what was missing in my last post? Yes, that’s right. There was no Lenora Bell, only Emily Bronte. That’s my sneaky way of posting without actually having to write anything. Get those wet noodles out–I’ve assumed the position.

I just have to give you a snapshot of our hotel room right now. I’m sitting on the bed, alternately cheering and cursing at the television set, because I want the Houston Rockets to win this game in Utah. My bf is curled up (as much as a 6’4″ man can curl up) in a comfy chair by the window, reading Eloisa James’ The Taming Of the Duke. Yep, you heard that right. I’m swearing like a sailor because T-Mac only made ten points in the first half, and my better half is reading a romance novel.

I only became a basketball fan in the last few years, and he is reading his very first romance novel. Did I choose a good one for popping his cherry?

Have you given your significant other a favorite romance novel to read? What was their reaction?