March 12, 2007

To National, or Not to National

We’ve decided to return home a month early, and that means I could attend RWA’s national conference if I wanted to. Of course I would only have been back in the states for a week–but since it is the biggest event of a romance writer’s year, I’m thinking I should hop back on a plane and go to Dallas. I’ve only been to one smaller conference, so this would be a new experience for me. And I’ve only been to Texas once, and pardon me for saying so, it did not leave a good impression.

I was hired by a national speech coaching company to manage their San Francisco office, but they were headquartered out of Houston, so they flew me there for training. The moment I walked into the shiny corporate offices, I knew I was going to stick out like a…well like a San Francisco girl in Texas. Everyone was coiffed and power-suited and chipper, and they could all tell with one quick downward sweep of their blue-frosted lids that I was not a member of their sorority. I will spare you the details of that painful week, but I will let you know that I quit that job a mere two months later, even though they offered me a huge raise, stock options, and money for a new, more corporate appropriate, wardrobe.

But I’m sure this time around Texas would be different. Especially if I had some friends to seek out. So are you going? Is it worth the money? If I buy you a lemon drop will you let me sit at your table?