March 7, 2007

Cute Shoes

Pam asked about the new brand of shoes I found–so I thought I’d post a few pics. Have I mentioned recently that cute, cheap shoes are why one of the reasons I’m back in China for a year? I can’t find well-made and truly unique shoes in America for a price I can afford–so normally I only buy vintage ones. But in China I can indulge in brand new shoes because I only pay $10-$30.

My new favorite brand is Safiya. Inside the shoes it has a sweet little logo of a snail and the words, “My world. The Safiya’s world. The young world.”

My other favorite brand is Changes and Insects 100. Rather Kafkaesque.

Anyway, here are my most recent Safiya purchases:

Shoes with Scales (yes, it makes a fish if you put your feet together).

Black tap shoe style with crimson appliqued flowers.

So what do you think? I can take orders…