February 8, 2007

Juice It

I’m doing research about the state of the romance industry right now, trying to figure out what to start writing next. I want to write a story that I’m passionate about, but I want to make sure it will be saleable, too, which is the dilemma.

In a recent interview, Hilary Sares from Kensington said that whatever you are writing you should, “…juice it to the max.” This time I mean to take her advice. Whatever I decide upon, I’m going to make it dark, deep and thrilling, and that means no boring filler paragraphs, no cliches, no cumbersome backstory or dialogue that doesn’t advance the plot. So now I know how I need to write–that just leaves me with what.

I have three ideas I’m choosing between, and they have to do with the following:

1. Edgar Allan Poe
2. Insane Asylum
3. Birth of Photography

Any preference without knowing more than that?