May 4, 2006

First Pitch

I’ve been writing historical romance for just over a year. But this weekend I’m actually going to try to sell some at a conference organized by the Romance Writers of America‘s Silicon Valley chapter. I’ll get to meet other authors, go to fun workshops with titles like “Say Goodbye to the Slush Pile,” and flirt with agents and editors at the Speed Dating event.

I’ve practised my pitch ad nauseum (even going so far as to set it to a Cole Porteresque tune — for my own private amusement, of course). I bought a cute black and white vintage sundress, had a fancy website made, and picked up my fabulous red business cards today. Now I just have to glue flocked velvet wallpaper to the backs of them. They’ll scream bordello, but that’s appropriate. I am writing steamy, gothic, Victorian-era romance, after all!

I’ll check back in a few days and blog about the conference, and my upcoming journey to China!